With 8 years of combined industry and academic research in biochemistry, genetics, neuroscience, organic chemistry, and chemical biology I’ve found that most researchers are unaware of the tools, products, and life hacks available to them to be more time efficient and reduce stress. As I develop these lessons and find these tools I’d like to share them with you. 

My Research Interests

Biotechnology and chemical tool development for targeted delivery of therapies for autoimmunity and cancer. Specifically, I work on Type 1 Diabetes.

My Mision

I believe we are all in this together and I envision this being a resource for younger students aspiring to join a research lab, for the first year graduate student trying to keep their head above the water, for the “Lab Mom” who needs the products and life hacks for running a lab smoothly, and for the PI who now find themselves being researcher, teacher, human resources, public figure, salesman all at once.

Have comments? Contact me! ChemToolman@gmail.com