At the end of the day I use to think back and try to locate what I had succeed in during that day. It was an exercise to help boost my positivity and outlook. Something all grad students need from time to time. I got a way from it though. For one, my wife (who had started me on this in the first place) stopped bugging me about it. Then it just slipped away into the my mind’s annoyingly efficient waste bin. Lost forever due to it’s perceived uselessness.

However, I do think it has a place in my life. I just needed to enact it in a different medium.

Thus, I am starting this PhD log.

Yes, I realize it’s a spin off of Star Trek’s captain log. Yes, I am a total geek. And yes, I don’t care.

I will be using a Stardate as the title in each post. Why? Well, we’ve established I’m a geek. Besides that I suppose the idea of starting at zero isn’t appealing. This is something I do everyday in my head, so it doesn’t feel like I’m at day zero. It’s day whatever in my life. Plus, it’s just more fun for me that way. And I wouldn’t want to do it if it isn’t fun.

So, what will you find here in these future Phd logs? Here is my plan:

  1. Thoughts about my research (details censored)
  2. Thoughts about what I read in the literature
  3. General scientific musings
  4. Personal insights

Some weeks in the lab I get too bogged down to post a quality blog on a topic, but I still have the itch to write. So expect me to be more candid here. If that’s your thing then come along for the ride.

End log.


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