Update on upcoming content.

You know when people are giving a presentation and they have an outline slide telling you what they are going to tell you? Yeah. Those drive me nuts. Just get on with it and tell me already. Well, this is one of those types of posts. So if you aren’t interested here is your chance to close the tab.

Last month I applied for the NIH F31 predoctoral fellowship, which was a doozy. Great experience and I’m really happy with the application not just for being competitive for the fellowship, but I really feel the application help plan out the rest of my PhD direction and personal development. This experience and the tips I pulled from successful applications (and tips from unsuccessful applications) will be discussed. So, look out for that. I will try to get that posted ASAP, but it depends on whether my reactions behave well enough this week.

Related, but separate is a post detailing goal setting for the new year and some ways to set goals that don’t suck and ones that aren’t already lost since New Years. I know this post won’t be timely, but it’s never too late in the year to better yourself.

Lastly, a lot of my energy and time has been diverted away from adding new blog content in order to pursue a new project for the site. I will be starting a podcast in the near future. I plan to discuss a recently published Chemical Biology article with the authors of that article. In the process, I hope to explore the work that went on behind the scenes that any of us involved in research know intimately that the published work doesn’t tell the whole story behind the experiments (the struggles, success, and people involved). It’ll be a fun time and I hope an informative listen. Thus far I have bought all the equipment needed, done some test interviews, and figured out how to get “good enough” audio quality in post-production. I’ve found a few recent papers and I’m making my way through them. Now I just need to contact the authors. It’s a simple last step, but it feels like a big hurdle. I’m working my way up to it though. Stay tuned!

End log. (Yes, I know I deviated from the log numbers I was using…It’s my prerogative)


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